Back in 2016, Jesse helped with the sale of the house my husband and I were renting in Ewa Beach. Since we were also looking to buy a house of our own, Jesse was our realtor as well. He came over a few times to go over the open house dates and presentation for the Ewa Beach house and houses my husband and I were interested in seeing.
We were amazed at how Jesse really gives his all in order to make sure his transactions go well and clients are satisfied. Before the first open house in Ewa Beach, he came over to cut the grass in the backyard and wash down the garage door with a garden hose. We never heard of a realtor who does that for a client. We were very impressed. As for our house purchase, the transaction was very smooth. He always kept in touch to make sure we were on track, from the first signing of papers to closing.
Overall, we are more than satisfied with our experience with Jesse. He is very hard-working, professional, kind and optimistic. We are truly blessed to have worked with him.